HonorSociety.org Review – Why I Believe in Building This Society

August 9th, 2015 — 1:59am

When I first became involved with working at HonorSociety.org a few years ago, it was because I immediately recognized the importance and value this organization has to impact people’s lives. The core mission of HonorSociety.org is to help people maximize their potential– dream big and work hard to achieve that dream. Everyone’s life is somewhat different, but everyone has the potential to position themselves in a way where tomorrow will be better that today– irrespective of how “better” is defined. To that end, it is important to emphasize that HonorSociety.org is a future-facing  honor society.

Recognizing high achievers is great. But that’s only a beginning. How have you best serving your membership, if you are primarily focused on their past achievements? The answer is that you’re not. The job of an honor society, and my job as it’s Executive Director is to empower people to go further.  HonorSociety.org is a community about leadership and showcasing your talents. 

I’ve been involved in helping students succeed for my entire professional career, so taking a leadership role in helping develop a future-facing honor society was a natural evolution for me. As the founder of CampusBuddy.com (a leading academic social platform) I learned about students academic goals and frustrations, and worked to help many students maximize their academic outcomes. As the founder of CollegeBudget.com, through the power of group buying, I helped students save millions of dollars on school necessities like textbooks, apparel, food, and other costs of student life.

Learn more about what makes HonorSociety.org unique by watching this video.


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CollegeBudget – Saving Students Money, Collectively

April 26th, 2011 — 2:17pm

Since I started CampusBuddy.com in 2008, I have been focused on making college life better for students. Since that time, CampusBuddy has successfully helped students achieve better grades and connect with classmates at hundreds of campuses around the country.

Since 2008 (and the recession) a lot has changed in higher education as well. Tuition continues to soar and the cost of living for students has increased substantially. This is a major issue for college students and threatens college life at the core. Students deserve a break and a chance to enjoy their collegiate years while pursuing their education. CollegeBudget.com is meant to do just that.

CollegeBudget is a student-only network where students can access exclusive deals and student discounts. By helping students save money collectively, my goal is to help students save thousands of dollars on the cost of their college years. Hope you enjoy this website and join the cause!

CollegeBudget Logo

Saving Students Money, Collectively

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Harvard Business School

April 26th, 2011 — 11:55am

HBS Emblem

Back in December, I was very humbled by my acceptance to Harvard Business School. I consider it a tremendous honor to be invited to the program. So I’m off to check out the program during the admit events this week. Will update on where this takes me.

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UCLA Startup Network: Spotlight L.A. Tech at UCLA This Thursday

November 17th, 2010 — 3:35am

Spotlight: LA Tech; Thursday 11/18 6:30pm; Korn Hall

It’s time for the first UCLA Startup Event: “Spotlight: LA Tech”, a tech startup showcase event this Thursday, November 18th from 6:30-9:30pm in Korn Hall.  Six companies are presenting their products in 5-minute demos during this event.

“Spotlight: LA Tech” is a great way for MBA students to interact with successful entrepreneurs and technologists in the LA startup community.  After the session, the EA will be hosting a networking session over refreshments where students and presenters can interact. If you are interested in technology and possess passion for entrepreneurship, don’t miss this event!

The event is free for students with RSVP.  Participants can sign up at http://tzspotlight-autohome.eventbrite.com/event/944935327 with discount code “UCLAGrad”.
Company Descriptions:
1. Zugara is an augmented-reality technology company with an immersive
application that allows shoppers to virtually try on clothes before
they purchase.

2. Social Annex creates widgets for eCommerce destinations that turn
influential visitors into active marketers for the site.

3. TekTrak has an iPhone app that ensures you’ll never lose your phone

4. Callfire lets businesses build pay-as-you-go toll-free phone
systems in the cloud.

5. Geni is creating a family tree for the world.

6. Distribber.com allows indie films to earn instant revenue on
digital sales platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and
Cable VOD.

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CampusBuddy Wins Businessweek Award

November 1st, 2010 — 10:58pm

CampusBuddy was just announced as the Businessweek.com 2010 Most Promising Business Award winner. CampusBuddy won this award as a result of being selected by Businessweek.com for the 2010 America’s Best Young Entrepreneurs List, which highlighted 25 remarkable companies started by young entrepreneurs.We’re really excited to have been selected for this honor, because there are thousands of great companies out there being started by young entrepreneurs all over the country. On behalf of everyone at CampusBuddy, thanks for your votes!

2010 Businessweek Winner

No. 1: The winning company, with 2,106 readers’ votes, was CampusBuddy. The Los Angeles-based site sells subscription access to grading data at public colleges that CampusBuddy compiles through public records requests. Founder Mike Moradian says the five-employee company’s database draws on more than 100 million grades from schools across America. A business economics major who graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2007, Moradian used his earnings from working at accounting firm KPMG to launch the business in 2008.

Read the Full  Businessweek Story Here.

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Businessweek’s 2010 Best Young Entrepreneurs List

September 24th, 2010 — 7:43pm

This is pretty cool. My company, CampusBuddy, and I are featured this month on Businessweek’s Best Young Entrepreneurs list for 2010. I am both excited and humbled to be on this list, as there are so many other great companies featured as well.  This article is a testament to the hard work everyone at CampusBuddy has put in over the years in the quest to make education more open, transparent and yes–even social. There is a vote at end of the feature, and we would be very honored for the votes CampusBuddy receives.

Mike Moradian Businessweek Best Young Entrepreneurs

Vote for CampusBuddy Here

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The Beverly Hills Real Estate Blog

July 14th, 2010 — 12:29am
Beverly Hills Real Estate

Beverly Hills Real Estate is about to get turned on its head...

Now Live is the new Beverly Hills Real Estate Blog, covering all there is to know about homes for sale in the 90210. If you know my cousin Iman, then you know he is a prodigy in the market. He’s going to be covering the inside scoop on hot Beverly Hills homes, good deals, price reductions, foreclosures and more.

If you are interested in this space, I would highly recommend following the BH Real Estate Blog at: http://bhrealestateblog.com/

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CampusBuddy Discussed on theStartupAngel.com

June 18th, 2010 — 11:44pm

Recently I was asked for an interview about CampusBuddy by Giang Biscan from theStartupAngel.com. She does a great job at profiling entrepreneurs. The full audio and text of the CampusBuddy interview can be found here.



Mike Moradian if the Founder of CampusBuddy, a network for students around the country to stay connected and get information about their schools, classes & classmates.  In this interview, Mike talked about how his team spent a year and half gathering data from universities around the country to prepare for their site launch, how his team effectively uses Facebook to gain rapid traction with thousand of new users signing up everyday when they launched their first beta and how he managed the workload in first year of his startup while holding a day job.   Mike also openly shared about why data from his site was, surprisingly, not viral, and how they pivoted and get to a revenue model that put them at cash flow positive.

Check out Mike’s response to the question that I often ask other startup entrepreneurs “do you sleep?”

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Hello world!

May 25th, 2010 — 2:34pm

Hello world is right. My name is Mike Moradian. I was born and raised in Westlake Village, CA and have lived in West Los Angeles since I attended UCLA as an undergrad right after high school. Since graduating I worked as a Advisory Associate at KPMG, and then left KPMG to start my own company CampusBuddy.com.

What is CampusBuddy? Well, it’s a social academic platform. What is that exactly? The industry is shaping up, haha– but simply, it helps students succeed by connecting them with classmates & other students around the world to learn together and  share information.

CampusBuddy has had a few accolades since inception- It is currently the largest College-related Facebook application, and is ranked as a top “Way to pick a college using Social Media” by Mashable, the leading social media website.

I love the fact that CampusBuddy really helps students. It feels good to make a business that helps people expand their knowledge, learn, and ultimately– succeed.

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