HonorSociety.org Review – Why I Believe in Building This Society

When I first became involved with working at HonorSociety.org a few years ago, it was because I immediately recognized the importance and value this organization has to impact people’s lives. The core mission of HonorSociety.org is to help people maximize their potential– dream big and work hard to achieve that dream. Everyone’s life is somewhat different, but everyone has the potential to position themselves in a way where tomorrow will be better that today– irrespective of how “better” is defined. To that end, it is important to emphasize that HonorSociety.org is a future-facing  honor society.

Recognizing high achievers is great. But that’s only a beginning. How have you best serving your membership, if you are primarily focused on their past achievements? The answer is that you’re not. The job of an honor society, and my job as it’s Executive Director is to empower people to go further.  HonorSociety.org is a community about leadership and showcasing your talents. 

I’ve been involved in helping students succeed for my entire professional career, so taking a leadership role in helping develop a future-facing honor society was a natural evolution for me. As the founder of CampusBuddy.com (a leading academic social platform) I learned about students academic goals and frustrations, and worked to help many students maximize their academic outcomes. As the founder of CollegeBudget.com, through the power of group buying, I helped students save millions of dollars on school necessities like textbooks, apparel, food, and other costs of student life.

Learn more about what makes HonorSociety.org unique by watching this video.


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