Hello world!

Hello world is right. My name is Mike Moradian. I was born and raised in Westlake Village, CA and have lived in West Los Angeles since I attended UCLA as an undergrad right after high school. Since graduating I worked as a Advisory Associate at KPMG, and then left KPMG to start my own company CampusBuddy.com.

What is CampusBuddy? Well, it’s a social academic platform. What is that exactly? The industry is shaping up, haha– but simply, it helps students succeed by connecting them with classmates & other students around the world to learn together and  share information.

CampusBuddy has had a few accolades since inception- It is currently the largest College-related Facebook application, and is ranked as a top “Way to pick a college using Social Media” by Mashable, the leading social media website.

I love the fact that CampusBuddy really helps students. It feels good to make a business that helps people expand their knowledge, learn, and ultimately– succeed.

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